People are looking for you. Each time they search for what your company provides, they Google it.

And each search starts with words. If your website does not contain the words they use, your website will not be found.

That is the whole point of SEO in Content Marketing...using the words your customers use to search for you.

Murph's Marketing is Nacho Chipical Marketing because unlike other marketing firms, we talk to your customers the way they want to be heard.

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Social Media a one big house party. It's a concert. It's a show. Your show.

At Murph's Marketing, we treat it as such. We engage YOUR customers, not your grandma's. We talk to them the way you would.

We engage on THEIR terms.

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One of the biggest mistakes many marketing firms make in helping clients with Google Ads is not targeting their market.

We take the time to research the words your customers use, the terms they use to search for you, then we apply only these to Google Ads.

This way, you do not pay for clicks from stuck-in-the-much customers who will not do business with you anyway. If they will be offended at your tats, why ask them to click on an ad?

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You need a website and that website must be hosted, but you also need someone to perform regular security and software maintenance.

We provide all of the above at the best rates in West Texas.

And naturally, we never use a cookie-cutter approach to building your website. We make it a natural extension of you, your company and your values.

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Two things have changed drastically in just a few years. One of them is using video content to grasp the attention of your audience.

We want to turn browsers into buyers. Videos promote and market you, increase engagement across social channels, educate your customers, and reach them in a way that makes them want to do business with you.

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The fastest growing marketing segment today is SMS TEXT messages. For this reason, we offer not only the best programs for text marketing, but even the lowest rates.

In partnership with Oakes Writing and LoneStar Marketing, we provide SMS services for automated appointment setting, reputation management and customer loyalty programs. 

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We offer many other services you may need like high risk credit card processing, poor credit/same day financing, model locator services, CBD Suppliers, even ATMs. If you need it to market your small business and don't see what you need listed on this site, just ask. If we can manage it for you, we will.

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Murphs Marketing

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