about murph's marketing

Hi, My name is Misti Murph.

I started this Marketing Agency to help small businesses what are underserved...the businesses that the conservative firms do not understand...the businesses that are overlooked because they and their customers do not necessarily conform to so-called "polite society."

Misti Murph

You know what I'm talking about. You show up at your new ad agency and once they see your ink, they treat you like you are somehow less worthy of their attention.

Then, they tell you that you must pay them extreme rates each month to advertise your business...to "build your brand."

Well, let me let you in on a secret...They are screwing you.

The simple fact is that they are stuck in an old way of marketing.

They are even screwing their other customers. How so?

Today's Marketing DOES NOT require an Endless Pool of Money!

Your grandfather's marketing was created to shout at people like a carnival-caller, to force them into buying just by telling them over and over to do so. That is why it was so expensive - it was a never-ending cycle of ads.

Marketing today is very different. All that is needed is a website that answers the questions people have about your product or service. Answer their questions and they will find you.

All this takes is well-written articles on your website, cool videos and images that appeal to your customers. Kinda like show-and-tell for the New Age.

Teach them, show them, entertain them...and they will come.


Misti Murph, Owner Murph's Marketing, Lubbock, TX
Misti Murph, Owner Murph's Marketing, Lubbock, TX

The best part is that once your website reaches a certain number of pages, posts, images and videos, little more needs to be done...it can kinda coast. This means that costs will go down, not up like in Grandpa's day!

In fact, if you already have marketing in place, a simple way to know if it is old, traditional marketing or the newer method is cost. If your costs are going up, it is old-school and that is all the costs will ever do...keep going up.

If you want to shake off the old and get with the new, you need Murph's Marketing.

You need to call me, Misti Murph right now.