Google is the undisputed King of the Internet.

Most of our clients want use Google Ads in their business, but find it a bit confusing.

We think Google makes it hard on purpose, because it helps drive people to expensive marketing firms that fuse modern marketing with the tired, worn-out traditional forms that drive up costs.

And we think that sucks.

So, we do things a bit different at Murph's Marketing.

Step One: Do You Really Need Google Ads?

If you call your average marketing agency today and tell them you want to run Google Ads, they will answer "great" and just take your money.

Sorry, we do not.

Before we launch a Google Ads campaign, we want to be sure your website is in order.

We have found that far too often, the reason someone wants a Google Ads campaign is because their website is not getting enough traffic.

But that indicates there is usually a problem with the website...and driving traffic to a poor website will hurt your company, not help.

We are here to help.

So, the first step is to check out your website, make sure it is in good shape before starting a pay-per-click campaign that is only going to cost you money with little to show for it.

That makes sense, right?


Google Products and Services We provide

text ads


One of the biggest problems we find with new clients is they take the advice of Google sales reps. They then spend large sums of money with little to show because the Google sales teams recommend the highest cost keywords. Our Ads team is Google certified and works to ensure the lowest possible rate for clicks by using keywords with lower costs and less competition. It takes more effort, but is worth the time. 



Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are the most popular type of ads because you only pay when someone actually takes action and visits your site. 



Did you know you can make money from your website even if people do not buy your product or service? However, running ads from others must be done with great care so that you do not advertise your competition.

image ads


Google image ads use the same keywords as text ads, but because they are images, they tend to get more clicks. Our ads specialists and graphics design teams work together to make sure that every image ads campaign is a success. Our mission is to provide you with the best Return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) possible. This is why our customer retention is the highest in the industry. 



As with PPC, you only pay for calls using Click-to-call ads. If your goal is to get people calling you for services, this is the way to go.



Nothing beats Google Analytics for understanding visitor behavior to your website. This provides deep insights that can help you improve the site and draw in more traffic, hence more customers.

video ads


Video ads are a complex solution, but one of the best, especially when used right. In fact, our goal with every video ad is to create a video that is both entertaining and effective. If it is entertaining, people will share it rather than simply click past it when watching YouTube. If it is fun, it will also get shared on social media and the results will be far more gratifying than simply creating an ad. 

impression ads


Impression ads are perfect for branding campaigns or simply to create awareness of a new product or service.



Google Console is a little-used feature for many marketing firms and we find that amazing. This feature allows site owners to see exactly what people are searching when looking for your site. Used right, it is gold.

Whatever Google products and services you need for growing your online presence, Murph's Marketing provides.

Our goal, as always, is to use these products to improve your Return-on-investment (ROI). After all, who wants to keep paying more, year after year for marketing?

To talk about how we can help you with Google, get in touch right now.