The core of any online marketing is the website. Built right, your website will generate business for you forever...or until an EMP blows out the international grid and destroys civilization as we know it.

But what do we mean by "built right?"

Many of our clients come to us when their website is failing to get the results they want. Often, the website is little more than a poster slapped on a telephone pole in the hood.

Not that we are knocking posters on telephone poles in the hood. But a website really should be more.

Your website should showcase your offerings, what you can do for your customers and why they should bother giving you their money.

This requires pages of content, both written and visual. And the more, the better.

Murph's Marketing Website Services

When we build your website, we make sure it contains enough information to be found. And we set up a blog for you so that you can keep adding to it, answering the questions your customers are asking Google.

By answering those questions, your customers will find you, come to trust you and use your services.

To help you continue to grow your presence on the web, Murph's Marketing provides the following website services:


standard website


Most businesses need only a simple website. A Home and About page, Services page, Terms/Privacy, and a blog. We can complete one of these sites in less than a week and either train you to work on it or assume all maintenance on your behalf.

basic hosting


Every website must have a host, a company with servers on which the site is stored. Our basic hosting plan provides one email account and annual domain registration. If you already have a host, no problem. 



As with anything, a website must be maintained. We offer a variety of maintenance plans which may include software updates, security updates, the additon of media to the site, and blogging.



Professionals like lawyers, medical practices, insurance and real estate agencies need expert content on their sites. They need all the basic pages, but the information must be added by expert creators in their field. We guarantee all content for accuracy.



An SSL certificate provides encryption for your website. This is beneficial to all websites, but is not required. eCommerce sites especially need SSL to ensure customer data is kept as safe as possible.



Directories remain a key way many websites get found today. There are hundreds of directories used by millions today to locate service-specific sites. We add your site all that are important to your business.



eCommerce sites are complicated, requiring the setup of taxes, shipping, the connecting of banking information and more. Regardless of what you plan to sell online, we can have your eCommerce site ready in about 2 weeks.

enhanced hosting


Aside from what is provided in Basic Hosting, our Enhanced Hosting plan also includes complimentary SSL, one Google Analytics report each month, and unlimited company email accounts.

link building

link-building-4111001_1920 (1)

Link building is one element of both SEO and networking a website. If you choose our link building plan, we will regularly add your site across the web to increase connectivity. This results in traffic from specialized sources.

At Murph's Marketing, we go to extreme lenghts to make sure your website is getting the results you want. Naturally, we are happy to put together a custom package for you.

Whether you need a new website or would like us to improve an existing site, we are happy to help.

Why not call us now to see what we can do for you?